About MarCom 24/7


MarCom 24/7 is led by Hussain Shah with a global network of marketing professionals dedicated to providing the best marketing services for organizations that are truly unstoppable.

For the past 15 years, Hussain has been leading innovative marketing functions at technology companies ranging from startups to global publicly traded companies. During this time, he has led strategy and tactical execution of campaigns in product and services organizations. In doing so, he has worked in hyper-competitive B2B, and B2G markets.

Hussain has built innovative campaigns that are results oriented, data driven, and agile to market shifts. This includes:

  • Gaining market share in biometric based payments.
  • Launching products in the virtualization technology space.
  • Increasing market share of information security productized services.
  • Leap-frogging market capture for business process management and training services.

Hussain graduated from George Mason University with a bachelors in government and international relations and lives in Northern Virginia.

The Difference

The overwhelming number of marketing consultancies are either focused primarily on consumer (B2C) marketing or treat enterprise (B2B) marketing as an outgrowth of services. In contrast, MarCom 24/7 was built from the ground up as a vendor for enterprise marketing needs.

Why does this matter? It matters because enterprise marketing is different, it is more complex, more involved, and more data dependent than consumer marketing. We are built for capturing enduring trust while smart targeting specific audiences. We focus on engaging with meaningful content that educates and is able to deliver details without losing interest across a chain of stakeholders.

For a long time, B2B marketing lagged in embracing the power of digital channels. Whether it was capitalizing on email marketing as part of structured nurture streams, social media campaigns for lead intelligence or even leveraging remarketing for touch point management, enterprise marketing seemed to largely be cannibalizing from consumer marketing playbooks — and not very well.

But this has changed dramatically with platform owners developing technologies specific to enterprise marketing needs. In parallel, enterprise marketing leaders recognized the change in audience behavior when it came to consuming content and trusting companies as thought leaders. The change was an ever greater audience dependence on digital channels for getting educated and seeking/formulating solutions.

This digital first preference for B2B marketing is drastically different than what exists in consumer marketing. Among other things, it is a deeper dive on data and involves working with a much more limited audience universe. This results in the need for hyper-segmentation of pain points in order to gain the trust of B2B prospects.

This is why MarCom 24/7 was established, this is the need we solve with innovation, experience, and ever evolving reservoir of strategies and tactics.

Our Philosophy

We strive to work with the companies that want to evolve beyond their past accomplishments. We bring sometimes outlandish but always ambitious ideas to the table with a clear path to execution and a unique passion for data.

Our core principles:

  1. Data is the great unifier of purpose – we seek it, understand it, and leverage it.
  2. Movement is inevitable – we build agility into the DNA of your marketing programs.
  3. Collaboration is supreme – we trust in your vision and work to earn your trust in taking your offerings to the market better than the competition.
  4. Innovation is the differentiator – we believe that is it possible to out-innovate and win while being out-spent by the competition.
  5. Money isn’t necessarily the answer – we have shown that out-of-the-box and ambitious campaigns will always beat larger budgets, especially in B2B marketing.

Our Services

DemandGen 360 is the focused generation, nurturing, and conversion of qualified leads across channels. Its integrated approach ensures success with optimal touch point management.

Content without context is like effort without purpose. Our content marketing services offer a better way. A way governed by strategy rather than coincidence and measured by ROI-centric metrics along KPI paths.

Brilliance turns into failing mediocrity without accountability, measurement, and iterative improvement. Our service has an iterative process—integrating KPI for accountability, analytics for measurement and transparency, and continuous innovation to create a feedback loop.

Engaging social media without purpose is just fluff. We support your social media marketing with goal-oriented tactics across the spectrum—from sales, marketing, product management, and business development to executive leadership

Industry Applications

B2B Product Companies

The B2B product buyer is deluged with vendor options, don’t be another generic scream. Be the surgical whisper planted at the moment of need, hyper-personized to their situation, with subject matter expertise that builds your brand as the “right” option.

B2B Services Companies

From using social media as a social selling engine to building subject matter influence with aggressive content marketing campaigns specific to B2B services companies, we ensure that your valuable service offerings are never “intangible”.

B2G Public Sector Marketing

Want to compete in the largest market place in the world? It gets complex and confusing quick. We support B2G marketing, sales and business development programs from the ground up with specialized marketing services that are designed to rise to the challenges.

Member Based Associations and Non-Profits

Let’s increase public trust and further your mission around a cause while expanding the reach of your membership with smart budget management. We empower, expand and optimize the trust based relationships that mission driven organizations have with constituents and stakeholders.