B2B Product Companies

The Results Driven Long Game

Between the logic triggers, the finesse of using industry jargon, and educating over entertaining for building relationship with a chain of stakeholders using detailed long form content – it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the challenges of B2B marketing faced by product companies.

Be the surgical whisper

The B2B product buyers are deluged with vendor options, don’t be another generic scream. Be the surgical whisper planted at the moment of need, hyper-personized to their situation, with subject matter expertise that builds your brand as the “right” option. Making it easy for them to pick you from the crowd.

Our value is in understanding and charting engagement paths that nurture relationship – both new or existing. We are focused on the “retention” rather than the “splash”.

We Deliver

•  Holistic demand generation results for B2B companies 

•  Content marketing that achieves brand ascension and trust

•  Fluff-Free social media management across the enterprise 

•  Metric driven campaign management aligned to your goals

How We Support B2B Product Companies

Focused Demand Generation

Your product is unique, its solves a specific problem for specific organizations. We understand this and use best in class B2B engagement strategies and tactics to showcase your unique value proposition. We do this by nurture mapping your targeted prospects and engaging them at various stages in the buying lifecycle.

Our DemandGen 360 service generates, nurtures, and converts qualified leads across channels with an integrated approach to ensure success with optimal touch point management.

Content Marketing

A better way to achieve trust. You are the brain trust with expertise on the value proposition of your product. We are here to transform that brilliance into valuable content that cements your market position and works diligently in generating engagements, influence and followers.

The goal of content marketing for B2B product companies is to achieve trust; to be recognized as a subject matter expert and a trusted source for solving problems. 

Among the challenges in the B2B marketing world is that, there are multiple stakeholders, each holding unique expectations and needing specific communication angled to their lens and preferred channel of communication.

Our answer is a contextually aware content marketing program delivered across channels of optimal resistance. A content marketing program that lives in the cold and calculating world of KPI driven strategy – powered by multi-medium content – and delivers a seamless buyer journey.

Dominate Social Media

Reject the fluff. We support your social media marketing with goal oriented tactics across the spectrum – from sales, marketing, product management, and business development to executive leadership.

The value of social media for B2B product companies is extraordinary – but very delicate. The potential of social media is extraordinary. It can replace cold calling with social selling. It can transform you into a thought leadership engine that builds lasting relationships. It allows you to leverage big data for honing and testing your position in the competitive landscape.

But social media usage for B2B product companies is also very delicate. Mismanagement will be amplified at the speed of a tweet and there is less room for forgiveness of mistakes because business audiences have longer memories.

To leverage the potential of social media and to avoid it’s pitfalls, we bring extra emphasis on objective actions and integrate social media campaigns into the entire marketing program of your company.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

It is not about campaigns that elicit singular emotional responses. It is about campaigns that build sustainable long-term relationships across the spectrum of stakeholders for your B2B product offerings.

The modern enterprise marketing campaign is far too complex for steering without analytics. It is often too expensive for investing without ROI models. And it is frequently too critical to launch without a clear governing strategy.

To address these ground realities, we designed our service around an iterative process—integrating KPI for accountability, utilizing analytics for measurement and transparency, and continuously innovating to create a feedback loop. Such innovation “listens” to the analytics and drives towards the KPI goals. This allows us to slaughter sacred cows with iterative testing and continuously improve campaigns.