Contextually Aware Content Marketing

Mind the Holes

Put simply, we don’t just design a few collateral pieces, we deliver multi-medium content ranging from videos, infographics, interactives and more with contextual awareness. This contextuality is built on data to understand the pain points of target audiences, how content will power engagement channels (whether email, social or paid search) and aligned to strategy driving end goals (from branding, lead gen, nurture or other). The difference is retiring “spray and pray” in favor of “sniper head shots”.

The Underbelly

Welcome to the content overload epoch triggered by the information superhighway. When content has become both cheap to produce and gets glazed over in mass consumption, thought leadership cannot be achieved through a quantity driven “production” approach. Ultimately, attention spans are sinking, expectations are rising, and we are functionally content deaf.

A Better Way

There is a better way. A way driven by behavioral and competitive data which is mapped to purposeful touch point outcomes and aligned to segmented pain points. A way that is governed by strategy rather than coincidence. A way that is measured by ROI-centric metrics along KPI paths rather than just aesthetics and the immeasurable.

We Deliver on content marketing goals with the Power of Contextuality

Contextuality causes high conversion rates of your content, better engagements of your nurture streams and maximizes your valuable investment. See some of the innovative tactics we employ to contextualize content:

Contextualized to the Target Audience

  • Brainshare – Content purposed to win brainshare of target audience over volume clicks of bulk traffic.
  • Role – Content strategy based on where they fit in the buying decision mechanism/hierarchy.
  • Vantage Point – Content that is tailored to their individual pain point.
  • And more.

Generic content marketing always fails because it always lays the burden of contextualizing content to the readers perspective upon the reader. The B2B target audience simply don’t have the personal emotional triggers in a product for their “work” that they will build that bridge for your content marketing.

Instead, your content needs to know, understand and navigate that connection with the target audience and your brand.

Contextualized to Channels of Engagement

  • Behavior – Content that caters to the target audience channel utilization habits.
  • Medium – Content built in the medium preferred by target audience.
  • Channel – Content that is designed for their channel preference.
  • And more.

Habit is a brick wall. It is more profitable to contour marketing campaigns to the behaviors and preferences of prospects rather than the other way around. But all channels and mediums of engagement can’t be approached with the same content strategy.

How your target audience consumes trusted content (whitepapers, video, infographics, etc) combined with what channels they trust to invest their time (industry publications, trusted speakers, podcast topics, etc) when acquiring subject matter expertise defines the scope of your content marketing strategy.

Contextualized to their Pain Points

  • Priorities – Content aligned to the priorities of the target audience.
  • Situational – Content that has situational awareness of the addressable pain points.
  • Value-Add – The content leads towards relieving the pain points of the target audience.
  • And more.

Demonstrated empathy to pain points leads to becoming a trusted source of content which regularly upsets market shares across industries. A B2B “Pain Point” is one of the most complex targets to address with content marketing – effectively. Generic messaging on industry pain points will lead to cascading marketing failure because it didn’t compliment situational considerations and align to priorities of the target audience.

Instead, the smart investment is to build a content marketing program that incorporates the priority, situational consideration of a pain point for your target audience and deliver with value add content.

Contextualized to their Buyer Journey

  • Movement- Content strategy that continues paths of engagement for faster conversion.
  • Trust Building- Content strategy that increases trust and brain share as audience progress through the buyer journey.
  • Discovery- Content strategy that unearths audience intentions based on behavior.
  • And more.

The buyer journey of your target audience is a carefully choreographed engagement mechanism. The B2B buyer is largely void of emotional triggers in selecting the right solution for their company. This emotional void makes the need to understand and propel buyers closer to conversion points through logical content marketing strategy paramount.

Additionally, beyond the content journey mapping lays a treasure trove rarely fully exploited by modern marketers; behavioral signals of intent, influence, hurdles and affinity.


These are the digital and social media marketing channels that cater to a critical mass of audience interested in your offering(s).  

These channels are picked based on the breadth of competitor presence and depth of audience interest—creating engagement signals/moments across specific channels. 

Knowing where to compete is critical in charting what to build and when to use. Without this key buy-in, investments are (expensive) shots in the dark.

We research and develop engagement plans based on your optimal channels of resistance. No more generic go to market schemes. This is contoured engagement designed to generate conversions and results.

Industry Applications

B2B Product Companies

You are the brain trust with expertise on the value proposition of your product. We are here to action that brilliance into valuable content that cements your market position and works diligently in generating engagements, influence and followers.

B2G / Public Sector

To be a trusted source of subject matter expertise for the B2G market we go beyond exuding subject mastery through expertly crafted value add content, to contextualizing it for success. Our aim is to achieve trust for your thought leadership through contextually aware content marketing specific to B2G audience.

B2B Services Companies

The goal of our content marketing service is to achieve trust for your services; to be recognized as a subject matter expert and a trusted source for solving problems. We work diligently towards that goal with content marketing purpose-built for services companies.

Non-Profit Organization

The power of the narrative you weave and bring to the market is a determining factor in the success of your organizations mission. Our contextually aware content marketing services mold and proliferate that narrative with powerful content marketing programs from concept to conversion.