DemandGen 360

Focused Beats Incidental

Imagine a world where you are effectively discovering and engaging leads across all channels from paid, earned and owned perpetually. Image it is being done at scale with prospects being nurtured against specific pain points that are aligned to your value proposition. Effectively ending stale pipeline growth in favor of cost effective lead generation while gaining invaluable data on behavior and trend fluctuations. This is the reality we bring in service of your continued success.

See the Forest, Take the Forest

DemandGen 360 is the focused generation, nurturing, and conversion of qualified leads across channels. It’s integrated approach ensures success with optimal touch point management.

Beginning with the holistic understanding of the market in relation to your value proposition. We power and direct focused marketing programs to meet your market objectives—by driving awareness, engagement, and conversion across your owned, earned and paid channels.

DemandGen 360 in Action

Know Thy Marketscape. Your competitive landscape from the vantage point of your company is as unique as your fingerprint.

Our focus is two-fold. First, we develop an objective and data based understanding of how demand for your product and services is being received by the market. Second, we understand how your competitors and partners are engaging the market—factoring for where your company is today and where it wants to be tomorrow in the competitive landscape.
Think of it as a pragmatic SWOT analysis on steroids. This is the start of our engagements because we are not looking to provide a “one size fits all” digital marketing service.
Any direction is temporary, but movement itself must be permanent.
We build a strategy component into every engagement, thus, ensuring that we jointly focus on completing an agreed upon mission.
Our strategy component acts as a road map for achieving your goals, measuring where we are in their pursuit, and what next on the horizon. Our strategy is the synthesis of external market realities married with internal client ambitions/goals (including ROI).
Beware of the fumes. Yes, it is possible to choke on the massive data fumes generated by your marketing systems – social signals, behavioral triggers, and market shift indicators.
This is why, the proper use of marketing technologies (like CRMs, CMSs, MAs, and others) is essential for amplifying the reach and depth of demand generation management. We untangle these acronyms to build/support your marketing infrastructure to achieve tangible results based on data rather than coincidence.
By the way, if excessive data fumes are a challenge to manage, not having them or not engaging them is even worse—it is death.
Channel management in a nutshell: segment, reach, engage, understand, convert.
We operationalize your strategy with effective channel management of your earned, owned, and paid media.
Whether it is executing social selling programs, building best in class lead capture across channels or ramping your brand – we deliver results with optimal touch point management for all channels.
This is not “spray and pray” or “spaghetti tests” driven by intuition. This is the integrated channel management of your earned, owned, and paid media–driven by your strategy, delivered through MarTech assets, and refined through careful analytics.
Until it is measured, it is only practice!
Availability of data is both the competitive advantage and operational scourge of the modern enterprise. We make it advantageous by not stopping at the technical installation/integration of analytics platforms, but carry the work forward and deliver on the value of data generation.
We achieve this by (1) providing experienced insights, (2) building collaborative transparency through dashboards, paradigms, and KPI markers, and (3) using it to power an iterative process for demand generation to ensure continued movement and improvement.

Power of DemandGen 360

DemandGen 360 starts with understanding the market. This understanding is the basis for developing a strategy; and executing it through martech and channel optimization. This results in analytics that provide a holistic view of how the campaign is doing and what warrants refinement. Being an interative process, DemandGen 360 then repeats!

Optimal Touch Points

Optimal Touchpoint Management – To advance prospects towards conversion points through targeted responses to specific behaviorial triggers. Each touch point (email, ppc ad, retargeting list) is an influential action which originates from your brand’s (earned, owned or paid) media and intersects with the prospect on their buying journey with minimal disruption.

Industry Application

B2B Product Companies

Your product is unique, its solves a specific problem for specific organizations. Our DemandGen 360 service generates, nurtures and converts qualified leads across channels with an integrated approach to ensure success with optimal touch point management.

B2G / Public Sector

We offer holistic demand generation because whether its “where” public sector decision makers go for awareness or “how” they traverse the trust journey, we make certain that you are present at all those mediums/channels with optimized touch points for a positive engagement.

Non-Profit Organizations

From expanding your reach for gaining new members to deepening the connection with current constituents, our 360-degree demand management services help you achieve constituent and stakeholder engagement goals.

B2B Services Companies

Our DemandGen 360 service is specifically designed to advocate for your service offerings. We build competitive maps of your space to feed into the strategy that is actioned as campaigns on channels of optimal resistance with continuous analytics and practical KPI management.