Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Let Brilliance Thrive

The silo approach causes marketing failures because the average decision maker is influenced by at least two dozen engagement points across numerous channels. That is why we build engagement campaigns that compliment, supplement and augment across channels and stages of engagement to drive towards conversion goals. Whether it is lead nurture campaign originating from email and influenced on LinkedIn and remarketing or a brand awareness campaign originating from paid search and engaged via email and social selling – we build the strategy, drivers and measurements for campaigns that not only “move the needle forward” but move your revenue upwards.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns In Action

Understand the competitive landscape to build the strategic position that is free from the fog of subjectivity and group thinking.

We start with a competitive landscape analysis to understand your competition, how they go-to market and what are your relative strengths and weaknesses. Then continuing with a data driven analysis of demand to know what your targeted customers are facing now and tomorrow and what internal and external trends are driving their pain points.

We compare this to your offerings – from marketing campaign performance to company ambitions. Ultimately to develop and deliver a clear positioning document that is backed by data over assumptions and practical for speedy implementation.

Value Delivered:

  • Clarity – Knowing who is competing how in your market
  • Precision – Defining your actual position without the ambiguity
  • Objectivity- Letting the power of data illuminate the market demands

Hope is not a defined target. Hope is the abandonment of intention

Fastest way to waste budget, energy and time and lose market share is to NOT know EXACTLY the addressable audience for your offering. It is no longer enough to simply rely on volume traffic in the hopes that you “eventually” reach the right person with the generic message that is right for their buying stage at the time.

Instead, building on the competitive analysis, we construct 360 view of your ideal buyers along with profiles of buying centers in your target/ideal companies. The result is a clear persona targeting scheme which outlines exactly who you need to target and what are their attributes – from influencers, drivers, trusted sources and competing messages they receive.

Value Delivered:

  • Clarity – Knowing who, what, how and why of your target audience.
  • Precision – Defining who is the visitor you want on your website and engaging your campaigns.
  • Data driven justification for “why” you are targeting the “who”.

Without direction, your current location is your future destination

Once you know who we are addressing and what is the competitive landscape in which they are being messaged, we build your content strategy that engages like a scalpel. We base your content strategy around over 12 factors, ranging from the content calendar of your industry to medium and channels most used by your targeted personas, to influencing topics and methods of engagement.

The content strategy is a blueprint of new content to be built, transformation of existing content and retiring of content that is a hindrance to your objectives. As we build this content, the purpose is transparent, and its usage has already been pre-determined along with definition of metrics. So, no spaghetti on walls to see what “might” stick.

Value Delivered:

  • Clarity – Knowing how and when you are going to message who you are targeting.
  • Precision – Content strategy designed to engage precisely those who need/want your offerings.
  • Objectivity – Embedded tracking and metrics that are contoured to content delivery channels for maximum objectivity in content performance.

The diversity of marketing channels leaves no room for generalities. Either choreograph the ubiquitous brand or wither away

We understand the landscape, identified who to target and have messaging for optimal engagement. The engagement on paid vs. owned vs. earned vs. granted vs. leased channels is the single greatest determinant of success. We expertly choreograph channel execution of the content strategy to reach the target personas and rise above the competitive landscape while leveraging the strengths specific to each channel from engagement to measurement.

Thereby, making your brand ubiquitous in your industry. Leading to optimal conversions, thought leadership ascension and perpetual demand generation glory!

Value Delivered:

  • Clarity – Knowing how the rubber meets the road across paid, earned and owned media channels.
  • Precision – Engagements that are contoured to your channels of optimal resistance. No generalities.
  • Objectivity – Clear engagement and nurture schemes targeted to target audience validated by data.

Proper measurement is what separates practice from primetime. And insights gained from the primetime are invaluable

The sea of performance data generated by the proper marketing campaign is what makes business decisions easier, faster and more fruitful. But this data can also easily drown you with irrelevant signals. We develop and implement the measurement paradigms that empower you to become agile and reach the goals dared by your marketing ambitions.

We believe in iteration. An iterative process gives a home and purpose to the insights drawn from campaigns for perpetual improvement.

Value Delivered:

  • Clarity – Make business decisions easier with structured metrics delivering valuable insights.
  • Precision – Know what is working and how to incorporate into the next iteration.
  • Objectivity – Campaign performance metrics to uncover variable for testing and basis for justifying campaign investments.

Don’t Steer Blindly

The modern enterprise marketing campaign is far too complex for steering without analytics. It is often too expensive for investing without ROI models. And it is frequently too critical to launch without a clear governing strategy. To address this complexity, we designed our service around an iterative process—integrating KPI for accountability, analytics for measurement and transparency, and continuous innovation to create a feedback loop. Such innovation “listens” to the analytics and drives towards the KPI goals. This allows us to slaughter sacred cows with iterative testing and continuously improve campaigns.

Leverage Integrated Campaigns

We have sharpened methodology and tactics from working with startups to global publicly traded companies with strategy to tactical execution of campaigns in products and services organizations.

And we bring that volume of experience, lessons relationships to serve your integrated marketing campaigns. See below to learn more about how we approach the choreography of integrated marketing and the value we can deliver for your organization.

Industry Application

B2B Product Companies

Its not about campaigns that elicit singular emotional responses. Its about campaigns that build sustainable long-term relationships across the spectrum of stakeholders for your B2B product offerings for greater conversions

B2G / Public Sector

Perhaps the biggest woe public sector marketing campaigns have is a lack of process and ROI transparency in marketing campaigns. Partially because the metrics that are often employed are either not holistic with the entire marketing programs or poorly (reverse) engineered from entirely dissimilar marketing environments.

B2B Services Companies

Emotional triggering is for kid’s toys. This is about campaigns that build sustainable long-term relationships across the spectrum of stakeholders in hierarchal organizations for your B2B service offerings.

Non-Profit Organizations

Influence is the precious currency that powers cause marketing campaigns in spheres of influence ranging from your existing sphere of influence to expanding reach and depth of public trust onto new frontiers. We build campaigns for mission driven organizations with data driven objectives.