Member Based Associations
And Non-Profits

Helping you improve the world

Managing marketing programs around a cause rather than a profit margin is always more complex and brings unique challenges absent in the traditional for-profit model. We don’t shoehorn paradigms, tactics or technologies not meant for your unique industry needs. We empower, expand and optimize the trust based relationships that mission driven organizations have with constituents and stakeholders.

Delivering on the goals of mission driven organizations

Member based associations and non-profits operate in some of the most complex marketing environments. They optimize not necessarily for the financial “bottom line”, but in an often financially constraining model to gain public trust — trust that is hard won through ever more challenging cause marketing programs.

We help manage constituent communications and expectations, expanding reach and influence to make a greater impact, and furthering your goals with cost effective and integrated marketing programs. We deliver success through the power of data-centric key progress indicators (KPI) that are tailored to the operating environment unique to your mission driven organization.

We Deliver

• Expanding mission reach through data driven cause marketing campaigns 

• Compelling story telling through contextually aware content marketing

• Social media campaigns for gaining greater public trust

• Increase reach of your membership drive with interest and behavioral data powered campaigns

• Decrease campaign spend with agile digital campaigns to drive registrations and form fills

• Pragmatic key progress indicators mapped to your mission objectives

How We Support Mission Driven Organizations

Demand Generation that powers your mission objectives

From expanding your reach for gaining new members to deepening the connection with current constituents, our 360-degree demand management services help you achieve constituent and stakeholder engagement goals.

We build engagement campaigns that are hyper-personalized to the needs of your members, constituents, and stakeholders.

Using innovative market research and analyzing data points like social signals and pain point trends, we help you to better engage with cross channel integration to enhance the reach of your mission objectives. This means you are present where your constituents go with messaging that is tailored for their needs.

Content Marketing to mold & proliferate the narrative

Your organization has a mission, it is pursuing a purpose at the behest of members. Whether it is the promotion of a specific position on an issue, furtherance of public trust, or communication with current or prospective members – the narrative is decisive. The power of the narrative you weave and bring to the market is a determining factor in the success of your organizations mission.

The power of the narrative you weave and bring to the market is a determining factor in the success of your organizations mission.

We work toward your success through a multipronged approach.

•  We start by using data to understand the context of where and to whom the narrative will have the best impact to further your goals.

•  We then shape the narrative with content marketing that transforms your value and expertise into effective storytelling.

•  Finally, we go further by delivering it at optimal moments and across channels with an integrated marketing campaign that is powered by analytics and insights.

Social Media – The Advocacy Warp Engine

No single channel has had as much impact on advocacy and cause marketing as social media. In less than a decade it has become the leading trust channel for information and impacts the opinions of billions of people. Nearly every public trust survey has concluded that no source of information is as trusted by people as peer-to-peer content, with social media being the optimal vehicle for delivery and debate.

Our expertise is in making social media marketing and management – message delivery, opinion development, and recruiting of advocacy champions – deliver on the goals of your mission driven organization. 

We help your organization with social media management that is powered by data to enlarge your sphere of influence and public trust without the “fluff” that wastes precious attention spans.

We identify the nodes of influence across your social media channels and execute the engagement tactics that deliver results. It’s not about who can scream the loudest with the most tweets, it’s about position conversion through effective engagement of defined target audience.

Campaign Management – The Devil is in the metrics

Influence is a precious currency that must be handled with as much care as any dollar budget. It must be integrated into the metrics of marketing campaigns and ROI models that expend it with careful foresight. Cause marketing campaigns operate in spheres of influence, whether it is in managing your existing sphere of influence or expanding its reach and depth of public trust. This often causes the mistake of viewing influence as a subjective issue, basing success or failure on “gut feelings” and instincts. That is not what we do.

We build campaigns for mission driven organizations with data driven objectives. These objectives are tracked through dashboards that cover the actions of and reactions to campaign execution. This objective approach allows for campaign agility and course correction based on measurable data rather than basing it on pure intuition.

With dozens if not hundreds of influence points helping to mold opinions for your target audience on any given issue, any cause marketing campaign to far too complex to steer without analytics, and too expensive to invest in without clear ROI models.

To address this complexity, we designed our campaign management service around an iterative process—integrating KPI for accountability, analytics for measurement and transparency, and continuous innovation to create a feedback loop. Such innovation “listens” to the analytics and drives towards the KPI goals.