Social Media Domination

Engaging Social Media Without Purpose is just Fluff

Make your brand a force of subject matter expertise that influences decision makers, mines social signals for intelligence and changes the competitive landscape. We deliver social media programs ranging from social selling expertise and training for sales/business development, thought leadership and influence expansion campaigns for marketing to executive level social media management dashboards. Theories are cheap, we deliver the training, campaign execution, competitive intelligence programs and management mechanisms tailored to your industry and in furtherance of concrete goals.

Reject the Vacuum

Social media marketing cannot exist, function or succeed in a vacuum. We execute social media tactics within the larger marketing framework of your company. To achieve this, we leverage both social media advertising and rapid organic engagement. This also includes identifying and engaging subject matter influencers in your competitive space for gaining trust of your prospects and partners.

Objective Actions Prevail

Enterprise marketing thrives on objective actions executed by the purposeful use of channels, platforms and tools—this is no different when it comes to social media marketing. We support social media marketing with a metric-centric approach, designed to integrate with and further your overall marketing objectives.

Delivering on Social Media Domination

Ready to out-gun your competitors with social selling? 

Cold calling is dead. Whether its increasing your Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn, integrating social media leads into CRMs, or building organic engagements across platforms, we provide training and support for your team to reach the next level of success.
• 75% of B2B buyers now use social networks to be more informed on vendors [Gartner]
• 90% of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach [Harvard Business Review]
• 67% of purchase decisions made before buyer engages a sales rep [HP]


From achieving thought leadership to brand equity, the gravitational pull of your brand on social media is an investment in perpetual success.

While it can easily be mistaken for a subjective activity, we bring the metrics, knowledge, and experience to drag it from the darkness into the light of a data driven marketing activity.

Ready to become the trusted thought leader? 

At its core, social media is being utilized by prospects to gain knowledge and value—where they go and who they trust is critical.

There is a point of convergence between where your prospect’s get their information and what you have to offer. We harness this point to position you as a trusted thought leader.

Ready to add jet fuel to your lead gen programs? 

Watching your “likes” and “shares”—hoping it translates into leads—is not a strategy nor a win.

These seemingly disjointed social signals are the raw data points we interpret and transform into actionable engagements. These engagements fuel your lead generation program and result in wins.

Ready to own the competitive landscape faster? 

Are you listening?
• Your prospects are spilling their guts on what they need
• Your competitors are sharing secrets on the future of their offerings
• Your partners are divulging their plans for upcoming feature roadmaps.

We channel these insights with data to prepare you for the competitive landscape and ensure your domination.

Ready to build ultimate spheres of influence? 

The difference between your current sphere of influence and your ideal sphere (in position and size) is where we operate.

Whether it is catalyzing social signals (likes, shares, etc) for positions friendly to your organization or managing social signals caused by your competitors, we will ensure you have a clear understanding of the conversation. This will allow you to have the weighted input needed to affect change in your competitive space.

Use it or Lose it

Its easy to ignore social media in enterprise marketing as strictly a branding or “fluff” exercise, its easy to fall into the trap of associating solid social media strategies and execution with clichés. But that would be a mistake of epic proportions.

Our social media domination approach works to deliver tangible marketing results as an integrated part of your marketing mix. Whether it is in fortifying your brand, flourishing your subject matter expertise or listening to market fluctuations and moves, we deliver social media programs geared towards drastic results.

Industry Application

B2B Product Companies

The value of social media for B2B product companies is extraordinary. It can do everything from replace cold calling, being a thought leadership engine for relationship building to leveraging the massive data capabilities of social media for honing and testing your position in the competitive landscape.

B2G / Public Sector

Social media marketing for public sector companies has little to do with merely photo sharing or checking in online. We see social media as a powerful channel to engage public sector prospects on channels native to their needs and industry. Our purpose is to make you the trusted leader.

B2B Services Companies

We can make social media channels deliver concrete results for services companies. From turbo-charging your social selling program to increase the influence sphere of your brand to even building social signal powered competitive intelligence programs/dashboards – the social media empowered services company is nearly unstoppable.

Non-Profit Organizations

No single channel has had as much impact on advocacy and cause marketing as social media. Our expertise is in making social media marketing and management – message delivery, opinion development, and recruiting of advocacy champions – deliver on the goals of your mission driven organization.