Use Case: Thought Leadership Ascension

Rise Above the Noise

When content has become both cheap to produce and gets glazed over in mass consumption, thought leadership cannot be achieved through a quantity driven “production” approach. Ultimately, attention spans are sinking, expectations are rising, and we are functionally content deaf.

Enlarging Spheres of Influence

We achieve thought leadership ascension by crafting your brand’s value add messaging/communication vehicles that are contextualized to the channel of delivery, segmented by pain point and mapped to various stages of the buyer journey.

We enlarge your sphere of influence using a three-step approach. First, we leverage our competitive intelligence skills to identify influence points and develop engagement paradigms for them. Second, we use our experience in translating raw subject matter expertise into content aligned to industry topical calendars. Third, we use our channel marketing expertise to make your thought leadership trend for your target audience as they engage on subjects within your content coverage – whether its actively, casually or incidentally.

But let’s not stop at simply building content and catching search interest. Let’s get aggressive and build out your spheres of influence, whether it is owning certain social signals like hashtags or being the curator of thought leadership knowledge portals or LinkedIn groups. We offer integrated content engagement expertise that is designed to make your thought leadership the only “Kool Aid” that wins buyer trust.

We have no illusions that the average prospect has become smarter due to information accessibility, bored by the volume of generic content and neglected from the lack of personalization of message to their pain points. The answer in achieving the coveted trust of enterprise decision makers is not more content volume to drown their email, social streams or retargeting personas. This is why we developed our Contextually Aware Content Marketing service – to avoid these exact pitfalls.

How We Support Your Thought Leadership Ascension

  • Campaign Performance – We chart engagement paths “where” you have traditionally not looked in your competitive landscape, as well as, “how” you may not have looked at your traditional landscape. We then go further by understanding what your competitors and potential partners are doing, along with what your customers are asking. We identify the gaps, leverage them into positioning guides and channel into engagement plans that are data driven.
  • Accessible Thought Leadership – Increasingly any offering in a B2B/B2G environment includes a large educational/awareness component; especially when aspiring to a new level of success. This is where our contextually aware content marketing services help ensure that you are providing the value-add content as part of a strategy to build trust in your offerings and brand.
  • Crafting Quality Content – We combine your subject matter expertise with our marketing prowess to develop animations, infographics, e-books and blogs. With the purpose of making your content top of mind in conversations in your industry. Our contextually aware content marketing services can be your partners for smart content developed quickly and for a purpose.
  • Thought leadership acceptance – Whose Kool Aid is the market drinking? And why? In a hyper competitive market for offerings (products or services), increasingly, thought leadership and content education/awareness are as important in vendor selection as the product itself. We dig deeper to understand how your thought leadership is being received by all segments that you are targeting, match it against competitive content, and map it to what is of interest to the buyers and influencers of today and tomorrow.
  • Engagement Performance – Engagement is more than a download or a form fill on the modern information super highway. From performance on your channels of optimal resistance to influencer dens affecting the perception of your brand – there is an ever-evolving paradigm of what engagement looks like (from the point of awareness, all they way to point of contract closing). We find these invaluable data points and bring you insights on what is working, how well it is working, and where hidden opportunities for growth lie.
  • And Much More…

Our Services

DemandGen 360 is the focused generation, nurturing, and conversion of qualified leads across channels. Its integrated approach ensures success with optimal touch point management.

Content without context is like effort without purpose. Our content marketing services offer a better way. A way governed by strategy rather than coincidence and measured by ROI-centric metrics along KPI paths.

Brilliance turns into failing mediocrity without accountability, measurement, and iterative improvement. Our campaign management service has an iterative process—integrating KPI for accountability, analytics for measurement and transparency, and continuous innovation to create a feedback loop.

Engaging social media without purpose is just fluff. We support your social media marketing with goal-oriented tactics across the spectrum—from sales, marketing, product management, and business development to executive leadership

Industry Applications

B2B Product Companies

The B2B product buyer is inundated with vendor options, don’t be another generic scream. Be the surgical whisper planted at the moment of their need – hyper-personalized to their situation – with subject matter expertise that builds your brand as the “right” option.

B2B Services Companies

From using social media as a social selling engine to building subject matter influence with aggressive content marketing campaigns specific to B2B services companies, we make sure that your valuable service offerings are never “intangible”.

B2G Public Sector Marketing

Want to compete in the largest market place in the world? It gets complex and confusing quick. We support B2G marketing, sales, and business development programs from the ground up with specialized marketing services that are designed to rise to the challenges.

Member Based Associations and Non-Profits

Let’s increase public trust and further your mission around a cause while expanding the reach of your membership with smart budget management. We empower, expand and optimize the trust based relationships that mission driven organizations have with constituents and stakeholders.